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With computer technology changing rapidly, SAMR (Supreme Asset Management and Recycling) is your solution for recycling all of your outdated equipment. SAMR is based in Lakewood, NJ and is a leading electronic and computer recycling company serving the entire US. With services ranging from electronics and computer recycling to disposal and asset recovery, we are a full service recycler for your disposal needs.

SAMR provides the recycling solution that companies, towns, government entities, schools and businesses are looking for. Your business can't afford to compromise critical data when replacing computer systems. That's where SAMR comes in. Our computer recycling specialists will ensure that you receive secure data destruction and your old systems and monitors are properly recycled.

Our primary focus is on the safe collection and recycling of computers and all other electronic equipment. With access to over a 150 trucks and trailers, our secure transport engineers will pick up your equipment at your location and transport it safely to our secured facility.

SAMR carries all necessary licensing and permits.